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CITY OF PROMISES - D. Grant Fitter R E C E N T L Y   R E L E A S E D

"They call this the city of promise, Arturo but it is a city of promises and very few of those promises are true."

Passionate music, latin dancers, compulsive romancers. Smoke filled rooms and bottles of rum. For every lover gone, two others are waiting to be found. In the 1940s, Mexico City is at its most extravagant, freewheeling best.

Stylish prose and vivid imagination texture historical facts to tell an entertaining story that captures the drama of an era.

Cadillac cars and splendid avenues. There’s a US ambassador, the president, Maria Felix, real life stage and music stars. Diego Rivera, Frida, Cole Porter, too. Stately residences and chic neighborhoods.

A story about life in the Mexico of contrasts and contradiction.

Symbols of affluence cannot mask the urban sprawl of hovels and squalor of central city tenements. An underbelly where the "respectable people" are the real mobsters and the forces of greed and packs of powerful politicos keep it that way.

"Well my darling one, at least you come looking for me every time there is a new bullet hole in you."

Young, ambitious Arturo Fuentes is caught in their sights.

He didn’t arrive from Veracruz in search of a marginal life.

Arturo is here in a fight to make those promises come true and that is something no newcomer should try to do.

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